Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Micki Nevett Literature Scholarship

The Guilderland Central School District, where Micki taught has established a wonderful scholarship in her memory. Entitled the "Micki Nevett Literature Scholarship", it will be
awarded to a graduating senior from Guilderland High School. All contributions are welcome! Checks should be made payable to the Guilderland Central School District Memorial Fund with Micki's name in the memo portion. Checks should be mailed to Guilderland Central
School District, 6076 State Farm Road, Guilderland, NY 12084. Your generous contribution will seed the scholarship, so that it may continue in perpetuity. Thanks to all !

Friday, December 28, 2007

Article about Micki in the Town Newspaper

Here's the link to an article that appeared this week in the town newspaper. It is another lovely tribute to Micki in the context of the exhibit at school- well written and sensitive, as all this reporter's features are...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Here is the child's story...

Here is "What It's Like In Heaven"; the story referred to in my earlier post. It is one of the stories the children wrote in Micki's honor. People have asked me to type it out, since it is difficult to read in the slideshow photo. I've deciphered it as best I can, attempting to be true to spelling and punctuation :


One of ms. nevett’s favorites books was Where the Wild things are. This story is about what is it like up on haven.

What It’s like In Heaven

Ms. Nevett was in haven. She sailed on aboard and said, “Weep!”. Then a Monster blew the boat. It went drown I her. She said, “Oh my heavens where am I?” Then the Wild Things All Came. They rasted and stomped and said “You are our queen .” Then ms. nevett said, “Oh My”. Then THE PARTY BEGAN. Stomp stomp, stomp, clap, clap, clap, clap, sha-sha, down in up, whap, whoosh, whoosh. “Stop I’m going home” , then she stomped off. To home. She made it back to God.


The Poem That Moved Everyone

The lovely and meaningful poem below was read by Rabbi Scott Shpeen at the conclusion of Micki's funeral service. Many people have been asking for it. Thank you to Jay Worona, who has been sending it to those who requested it. I have posted it here, so that you may share it with your friends and family.

When I Die (Author unknown)

When I die
If you need to weep
Cry for someone
Walking the street beside you

And when you need me
Put your arms around others
And give them
What you need to give me

You can love me most
By letting hands touch hands
And souls touch souls

You can love me most
By sharing your joys
And multiplying your good deeds

You can love me most
By letting me live in your eyes
And not just in your mind

And when you say Kaddish for me
Remember what our Torah teaches
Love doesn’t die
People do

So when all that is left of me is love
Give me away

Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Amazing Exhibit in Micki's Honor

The slideshow posted here is of a display in Micki's honor that grew up spontaneously. It began with four little bookmarks (left by children) on a ledge that spans the length of the library in the hallway of Westmere Elementary School.

The closeups are meant to be read. (If you click on the slideshow, it will re-size for better viewing. You can also click to pause and look at individual photos.)

Don't miss "What It's Like In Heaven" where Micki becomes a Wild Thing...There are photos of the library interior, too, including Micki's special reading chair.

My family visited the school on Friday, and my son took the photos. What a warm and wonderful environment Micki created for students and staff! And it was reciprocated with such love...A very moving tribute, indeed.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Each Year...

Each year, as the New Year approaches, we wish those around us all the good things- health, wealth, and happiness. Once again we propose a mirthful toast for success on that New Years resolution diet, a resolution cheerfully forgotten by the time dessert rolls around right after midnight.

This year, let us all wish each other friendship. Most of us have a deluxe assortment of warm acquaintances, chosen from the luscious box of bon-bons amis as the occasion dictates-work friends; poker friends and party friends; exercise buddies; parents-of-your-kids’-friends-friends; friends at synagogue or church, theatre and book friends; watch-the-game-friends, meet-for-coffee friends, couples friends and on and on.

Let us all wish upon these warm acquaintances, one true and cherished friend, who shares your life only because she cares. A friend lavishly invested in your friendship over more years than you can count; a friend whose wit and wisdom charm and enrich you and always see you through. Whose taste in clothes, books, food and pastimes you know almost as well as your own. Whose family is your family.

One who appreciates your failings and knows you appreciate hers. One who rejoices in your triumphs and whose greatest fan you are, too. Not for any reason except that you love and respect one another.

The kind of friend who knows what you mean before you say it and understands equally what is not said and why. Who can disagree with you openly about the merits of people and things close to both of you, think your perspective strangely misguided yet love you all the same.

A friend whose intelligence, creativity, and brilliant achievements are paired with modesty, warmth, and an ever-flowering curiosity. A person of enormous courage and the generosity to encourage.

In fact, in the spirit of new beginnings, let us, both women and men, resolve to become this kind of uber-friend, with all the time it will entail, the selflessness it will engender.
If you need advice on how to do it, just ask me- my friend Micki Nevett taught me how.