Thursday, December 20, 2007

Each Year...

Each year, as the New Year approaches, we wish those around us all the good things- health, wealth, and happiness. Once again we propose a mirthful toast for success on that New Years resolution diet, a resolution cheerfully forgotten by the time dessert rolls around right after midnight.

This year, let us all wish each other friendship. Most of us have a deluxe assortment of warm acquaintances, chosen from the luscious box of bon-bons amis as the occasion dictates-work friends; poker friends and party friends; exercise buddies; parents-of-your-kids’-friends-friends; friends at synagogue or church, theatre and book friends; watch-the-game-friends, meet-for-coffee friends, couples friends and on and on.

Let us all wish upon these warm acquaintances, one true and cherished friend, who shares your life only because she cares. A friend lavishly invested in your friendship over more years than you can count; a friend whose wit and wisdom charm and enrich you and always see you through. Whose taste in clothes, books, food and pastimes you know almost as well as your own. Whose family is your family.

One who appreciates your failings and knows you appreciate hers. One who rejoices in your triumphs and whose greatest fan you are, too. Not for any reason except that you love and respect one another.

The kind of friend who knows what you mean before you say it and understands equally what is not said and why. Who can disagree with you openly about the merits of people and things close to both of you, think your perspective strangely misguided yet love you all the same.

A friend whose intelligence, creativity, and brilliant achievements are paired with modesty, warmth, and an ever-flowering curiosity. A person of enormous courage and the generosity to encourage.

In fact, in the spirit of new beginnings, let us, both women and men, resolve to become this kind of uber-friend, with all the time it will entail, the selflessness it will engender.
If you need advice on how to do it, just ask me- my friend Micki Nevett taught me how.

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