Monday, December 24, 2007

Here is the child's story...

Here is "What It's Like In Heaven"; the story referred to in my earlier post. It is one of the stories the children wrote in Micki's honor. People have asked me to type it out, since it is difficult to read in the slideshow photo. I've deciphered it as best I can, attempting to be true to spelling and punctuation :


One of ms. nevett’s favorites books was Where the Wild things are. This story is about what is it like up on haven.

What It’s like In Heaven

Ms. Nevett was in haven. She sailed on aboard and said, “Weep!”. Then a Monster blew the boat. It went drown I her. She said, “Oh my heavens where am I?” Then the Wild Things All Came. They rasted and stomped and said “You are our queen .” Then ms. nevett said, “Oh My”. Then THE PARTY BEGAN. Stomp stomp, stomp, clap, clap, clap, clap, sha-sha, down in up, whap, whoosh, whoosh. “Stop I’m going home” , then she stomped off. To home. She made it back to God.


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Historically Speaking said...

Thank you for sharing these posts about Micki. I served on the Children's Literature Connection board with her and will miss her contagious enthusiasm.
Nancy Castaldo